Monday, 19 February 2018

2018 NEW Beauty wishlist

Back in 2016, I made a beauty wishlist and indeed got (but also sold LOL) most of the items on the list. Now in 2018, I have learnt to make more informed purchase decisions haha and seek for skincare that is simpler, fragrance-free and actually beneficial to my skin.

I'm still testing out my current skincare routine and if it works, I'll post it for yall to see :)

I still can't get over my sheet mask addiction though, so I'm still purchasing a lot of those! Oh sheet masks, how could my life be without you...


So to my new 2018 beauty wishlist:

Recently I'm a lot into gel cleansers so I would like to try them and make a focus post!

Bioderma Sebium gel cleanser (Image credit)

1. Bioderma Sebium and Sensibio gel cleansers
2. Avene Cleanance gel

1. Dr Wu Pore Clarifying Toner with BHA
I love the Dr Wu Daily Renewal Essence with Mandelic Acid, so I'm keen to try this one after I finish my mandelic acid one.

Melano CC Essence (Image credit)

2. Melano CC Essence
Highly raved online. I've been wanting to try Vit C products for a long time, and perhaps it'll be my first :) Sitting in my Qoo10 cart for a while already, waiting for cart discount haha!

1. La-Roche Posay Cicaplast Pro-recovery gel
Thinking of adding some zinc and madecassoside to my routine.

1. Avene Cleanance Sunscreen
I'm currently using the La Roche-Posay Anthelios Dry Touch Oily Skin Suncream, so I'm keen to see how this fares against this one and see which one I prefer.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Dry Touch Oily Skin Suncream (Image credit)

2. La Roche-Posay fluid sunscreen
Can't remember the name, but I want to get a more fluid sunscreen to apply as a first layer and the gel cream as the 2nd layer. (The gel cream is quite thick and difficult to spread around the whole face)


HAHA, f*ck making a list for masks, I'm so obsessed with them I can't make a proper list because it's always growing and changing.

As for others...

1. A variety of pimple patches
After I started using hydrocolloid pimple patches and realised the beauty of these little patches, I could never live without them anymore. I'm thinking of doing a comparison between different brands and making a focus post.

Laneige Eye sleeping mask (Image credit)

2. Laneige Eye sleeping mask
This is a want, not a need, so it's at the very bottom of the list. I think I'll wait till May and see if I still want it and get the birthday discount from the store hahaha

Friday, 16 February 2018

[Fast Sheet Masking Reviews] Innisfree It's Real Squeeze masks! (Kiwi, Green tea, Lime, Aloe)

I wrote this long ago, and even though the masks are discontinued (replaced by the new My Real Squeeze masks), I shall not waste and leave this in my drafts haha.

Anyway previously I was on a 'Skincare mission' of masking once every 2 days, but it did more harm than good and I gave up after 2 weeks. So I have decided to change my sheet mask review series to the 'Fast Sheet Masking Reviews'! hehe

And because this was written so long ago (except the Aloe which I've just added), I have lost the photos to the masks so I have used the images from their official website.



Product feel - (4/5)
I was so surprised when I opened this up, because I expected it to be the kind that is more citrus-y and refreshing type. But instead it's the thicker kind of mask, with thicker white essence unlike the ones I have used. I feared it would be slippery and too heavy to stay on my face while sitting but it wasn't! I could do my homework while wearing this. But because it felt so nice and soothing I proceeded to just lie down on my bed for half an hour LOL

Smell - (5/5)
I LOVE THE SMELLL.. It doesn't smell like kiwis tbh but it has this nice, sweet smell, and the sweet smell wasn't the overpowering kind so it's all good and nice.

Function - (4/5)
Face felt mighty moisturised after that. NICE!

VERDICT | 💖💖💖💖💖
I love this mask so much! I will definitely repurchase this BUT IT'S DISCONTINUED ☹️ It felt so nice and relaxing while wearing this.


Green Tea

Product feel - (3/5)
The mask is the thin kind of mask, with transparent essence. The essence isn't too drippy, and it fits and stays on my face nicely. (Except the chin part, abit big LOL) But I can do my homework while wearing this so it's pretty okay.

Smell - (2/5)
I expected a nice green tea smell but ehh.. It smells like.. I don't know how it smells like but it isn't bad and it's quite mild too so I just left it as that.

Function - (2/5)
This mask pretty much didn't do anything, but it didn't break me out.

This mask was so 'normal', did nothing, it doesn't really feel particularly nice also, so I won't buy this again. They have better masks in the same range :'D



Product feel - (3/5)
Like the green tea mask, it is the thin kind of mask. The essence isn't too drippy and stays on the face nicely.

Smell - (-1000/5)
THIS FREAKIN SMELLS LIKE CAR PERFUME!!! it felt like I splashed car perfume in my face, and the smell was also so strong to boot.. BAD BAD BAD

Function - (2/5)?
The only credit I'll give this mask is not breaking me out LOL

VERDICT | 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
I bought this mask with the intention to feel refreshed and clean after using this mask, I thought it will have the nice citrus-y smell.. BUT NO.. I certainly felt refreshed in another way, hopping with anger after using this I mean HAHA




Product feel - (3/5)
Also the thin kind of mask, like the green tea and lime one.

Smell - (2/5)
It smells so artificial, nothing like aloe at all, but on the bright side, the scent isn't too strong.

Function - (2/5)
This mask pretty much didn't do anything, but it didn't break me out.

I got them for free during one of the Innisfree promotions, so no complaints I guess hahaha.. but totally no use.


I still have some of the It's real squeeze masks that I've yet to try! So do look out for the future posts on this hehehe

Thursday, 15 February 2018

2018 Innisfree VIP Kit & Sheet mask purchases

Hi! I haven't posted in a while, because recently I have been on a skincare clearance after my numerous hauls and have been actively selling my items on carousell. Now, I've learnt to make more informed purchases and no longer just buying cuz I feel like it :')

In the future I'll make a review on the skincare I really love and also an 'emtpies' list! Recently due to lack of sleep, my skin condition had been the worst in years, so I'm trying to take really good care of my skin and am using a very careful skincare routine. If my current skincare routine is successful, I'll share it with you guys.

Even though I've stopped myself from buying too many skincare products, I'm still a VIP member of Innisfree and for Singapore, they're giving out their VIP kit till the end of this month! So I quickly went to collect in case out of stock hahaha.

The VIP kit is so beautiful I can't even-


Innisfree Blooming Jeju VIP kit

I am SO in love with the kit!!! (even though I'm most likely not going to use them :'D) Innisfree really knows how to get to us. There are three boxes in this kit, which you can use for your body, hands and face.

Haha, why nothing for the hair! Might as well make it a complete set, Innisfree!

1. Jeju Cherry Blossom: Body wash and lotion.

The bottles are soooo beautiful! And they smell really great too. It's such a good gift, really, for anyone.

2. Jeju Canola Flower: Face mask and hand cream

I don't really use hand cream but these are so cute!

3. Jeju Tangerine Flower: Face whitening pore cream and serum

From what I know, the tangerine series for Innisfree is rather popular, especially the serum. So tempted to try even though I know my skin won't like it 😞

The gifts they give are so nice I don't mind continuing to be their VIP member just to collect the yearly freebie hahahaha


By entering their store, I saw some things I was interested to try LOL (Good move Innisfree, by making people go to your store to collect freebies, you also tempt them to buy things. It's like the moment I stepped into the store, I've lost HAHA)

Innisfree Skin-Reset Peeling Mask

These 2-step sheet masks were $4 each and one of the biggest reasons why I bought this is cuz.. NO FRAGRANCE!! REALLY!?!?!! YES!!

Please do correct me if I'm wrong tho haha

I'm so so so keen to try them soon. There are 3 in the series, but I bought 2 first, one for oily skin and the other one for combination skin. The 3rd one in the series that I didn't buy is for dry skin, but I love ceramides too so I'll buy the last one if I like the 2 hehe

I'll post a review on these masks next time so do look out! ❤

Sunday, 22 October 2017

[mission - Mask every 2 days] #2 | Naruko Tea Tree Shine Control & Blemish Clear Mask [review]

This is less than half of my sheet mask collection.
I'm determined to finish all of these before I end my semester in mid December hahaha.


Anyway, tonight I'm trying out the Naruko Tea Tree Shine Control & Blemish Clear Mask.
I wanted to try other types of mask, but my skin is kicking up a fuss lately, and thus, I'll use the calming stuff haha.

I was actually just planning to buy the night gelly, which I love!!! But happened to see this, so I decided to give this mask a go. I probably write a post on my sleeping masks/packs soon, so do watch out for it.

Taiwan No.1 Best Selling Mask! Wow! I think the My Beauty Diary masks are more popular if I'm not wrong hahaha...

First impression:
This is the first time i am using a black mask hehehe.. Smell wise, it's not strong but it smells like 'clinic'. You know those clean smell that substances in clinics and hospitals give. I dont know how to properly describe it LOL

Nice fit on the face and an important factor is if the mask can stay on my face while doing other things 😂 I cant sit still for 15min unless I'm sleeping or resting. Using the phone while lying down is bad bad bad for eyes.

This a picture of me wearing the mask.
To keep my anonymous identity online, I've pasted cute Moon stickers over myself. I'm #sorrynotsorry 🤓

After I took off the mask I patted in the remaining essence from the bag. I'm so touched cuz everything absorbed so well I've never encounted a mask like that 😭

Morning update:
Skin was so goooooood. Glowy and clear. (Except for the fact I still have some pimples on my face, which I know that facial masks can't clear in one night so I don't expect it but at least they looked less inflamed :D)


LOVEEEEE. Hands down one of the best mask I've ever used. Will definitely repurchase and recommend.
Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 

PROS: Great fit, serum not too drippy, serum absorbs completely into skin after removing mask, redness gone down next morning, mild fragrance

CONS: I can't think of any at the moment. Love this mask to bits.

[list] 'Sellies' #1

I have made a list of 'Sellies', the opposite of Empties haha, because skincare is so 'YMMV', most of the items I buy are usually highly raved on the internet but they just didn't work for me. So I sold them on Carousell or gave them away.

Sorry some images I went to find from official websites cuz I sold them and deleted the photos already haha.


Skinfood peach sake pore serum and toner

This was one of my first items in my skincare journey. Hoped to find something that controls oil and reduce the appearance of my pores. The Pore Serum was okay, my skin felt smooth for a while, but a while only and that's it lol. The toner, idk, I can't really recall anything about it because after using it once and I was like nope. It probably aggravated my skin. The fragrance was also pretty strong for my skin, so off to Carousell they went.

Innisfree Jeju volcanic pore toner 
from my old photos

Because the Peach Sake Pore toner didn't work for me, I bought this instead. I kinda liked this, skin felt smooth after using.. for a while only LOL. Did nothing to my pores. Did nothing for oil control. A little too heavily fragranced for my skin. I think this is a good product but too bad... Not for me. Sold it on Carousell.

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum and Green Tea Fresh Essence
from my old photos

I really wanted to like these items but... The fragrance was simply too strong for me. I'm sorry Innisfree. I'm sorry to say this but actually your whole Green Tea range was too heavily fragranced for my skin. It aggravated my skin. No more buying from this range for me.

COSRX Advanced Snail 92 All In One Cream

I love the Mucin Power Essence. And don't get me wrong, this one was pretty good too. But I find myself to never use this because most creams are too heavy for my 'oil-crater' face. I now switch to sleeping packs where I apply only before I sleep so the cream doesn't turn to grease haha. I gave this to my sister who was going overseas for 4 months.

CosRX Blackhead Power Liquid

I wanted to love this and I thought that I finally found a solution to my skin problems... But unfortunately it didn't. My skin didn't love this. When applied, it felt like a film on my skin and it felt like it's not being absorbed. After a while, my skin felt so god damn oily. It also aggravated my skin. Sad to say this despite the hype, off to Carousell it goes. But I'm keen to try their AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner hehe. Hope it works better.

Laneige Brush Pact Pore Blur

WTF Laneige??!!? This is a scam lol.. The idea of the retractable brush + brush pact in one was great and nice for portability and I really loved the brush too but.. I couldn't pick up much product using the brush at all, let alone transfer it to my face. I sold it on Carousell. Too bad. I love your BB cushion but this was a fail purchase. For a great oil control pact, I would recommend the Son & Park Flawless Pore Pact. I'm gonna make a favourites list soon and will talk more about it.

Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Shaver
from my Carousell page

Ok I bought this cuz they ran out of the Embrace ones. Bad decision. Should have waited till the Embrace ones were back in stock. I give it the benefit of doubt. Maybe it works for shaving the legs, idk cuz I don't shave my legs LOL. But underarms wise, complete and absolute fail. The shave was not close enough. I might be using it wrongly, but nvm, selling the new ones, and going back to my Embrace cartridges.


And so this ends my Sellies #1. I have more experience in skincare and also hoard less now, so hopefully I don't have to sell stuff that I dislike anymore LOL. I'm currently writing my empties and favourites list so do look out for them soon :)

Friday, 20 October 2017

[mission - Mask every 2 days] START #1 | Mediheal Teatree care solution essential mask [review] + blog revival post

I've revived my blog!
Because, I want to document my new skincare mission. Mainly to clear my huge amount of sheet masks that I've collected/bought.

Today, I have probably around 100 sheet masks. Thats crazy hahaha. Therefore, I shall clear them all by sheet masking on alternate nights.

Recently, I have a new addiction which is applying sleeping pack/mask. So I'll apply those on the nights that I do not sheet mask.

And my mission shall start. Documentation-wise, I'll state what mask I'm using, why I chose this mask to use, why I bought it (or how I obtained it), how it feels and perhaps what is the result after using.


So, tonight I'm using Mediheal's Teatree Healing solution Essential mask.
Because I'm studying so hard, my skin is like sh*t now. Time to save it with some tea tree. I bought this cuz I saw that BTS vlive and saw Jhope using this LOL and I went to bought it. #lowkeyhighkeyarmy

hobi, the sunshine in BTS ^_^

First impression:
The mask feels so nice and it fits so well. Smell-wise, it smells kinda like an antiseptic. But it's the pleasant kind. Smells 'clean'. It's very mild, which I like. I can't stand and I think I'm allergic to stuff with strong fragrances hahaha. I'm so tempted to buy these BUT I'll repurchase when I finish my sheet mask collection HAHA. NO MORE HOARDING. Previously I used another Mediheal mask. It feels great too. I can see why Mediheal masks are so popular.

So, 2 nights later, I'll continue my sheet mask mission. See everyone again then :D

Morning update:
Skin looks less reddish and pimples are less inflamed than before I slept.
Good good! I don't think I can hold back on my itchy hands anymore. I gotta repurchase.

Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5 I love this!

PROS: Great fit, feels great on skin, serum not too drippy, redness gone down next morning, mild fragrance

CONS: I can't think of any at the moment. haha

Sunday, 1 January 2017

[online haul] Innisfree haul AGAIN!

Another online haul?!?!1
But I took advantage of the christmas offers on Qoo10, so you can say, I spent lesser than what would be if there wasn't the cart discounts X'D

I ordered from 2 different shops, so 2 different packages! I got Innisfree and CosRX stuffs.

My innisfree haul arrived first.
You guys are gonna scream, 'INNISFREE AGAIN?!' But there were some things I was really keen to try, so.. *nervous sweating*.

IN CASE YOU GUYS WERE WONDERING I'm not paid/hired/sponsored by innisfree LOL I'm just a really hardcore fan of theirs. :'D

So, the first box!

Innisfree Soybean Energy Essence [light]

I wanted to get this bby for such a long time! Then it was sold out on the Qoo10 store that I normally buy from :'( So I actually went to the stores in SG and they were not on display? Only one of the stores I went to had the original version. I'm starting to think that they're discontinuing this :'( But maybe they'll come up with something better :'D

I transferred some of this into a muji spray bottle so that I can spray it on my face directly then pat it in! I got this idea from another blog. That's the biggest reason why I wanted to get the light version cuz it's 'low viscous' enough to be sprayed out. X'D

Next is Innisfree's Eco science eye cream.

You can see from my ever growing beauty wish list that I have wanted to get an eye cream, but can't decide on which one LOL There were like at least 3 diff eye creams in my wish list?

Then you'll realise, this wasn't in my wish list at all? BECAUSE...After I found out about this on the website, I added this to cart then proceeded to order already :'D (Of course, I googled for reviews ahahah)

What was the winning factor? Well 1, the fact that it ranked top 5 best seller in Innisfree's korean page and 2, the damn packaging.

Why why WHY THE F would you put something like eye cream in a tub, BEAUTY COMPANIESS WHY. It's so inhygenic, and even if you use something like a spatula, I feel like dust may fall into the tub too. And I certainly wouldn't wanna put something like dust near my eye :'D so there you have it.

But yknow, I was still really keen on trying out the rest of the eye cream, so I found out on the Qoo10 shop they sold the sample for the perfect 9 one and so...


Innisfree Perfect 9 repair special kit

Okay my biggest aim was the eye cream, but I was also keen on trying the lotion (again I love pump packagings SO MUCH) so it's a double. Also, I could use the cream for my neck hehe. But the skin toner, hmm, maybe I'll use it sometimes.

I was so shocked when I opened this cuz the bottles are BIG(ger) than the other kits I got last time :'D
Look at the difference ahahah

I should have gotten the Laneige time freeze kit also :'( But in the end I didn't cuz I didn't feel like spending too much. Maybe in the next haul!


I should stop spending omergaod
Anyway, look out for the next haul post on CosRX fams (FINALLY NOT INNISFREE HAHHAHA)
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