Thursday, 22 December 2016

Skincare routine ^_^

You can say that I'm a noob but definitely not a newbie in skincare. Still lost in this really really
dense world. But I finally devised a skincare routine for myself and I hope this works! :D
Might edit accordingly!

Day (daily)
Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Toner
Innisfree Soybean energy essence (light)

Night (daily)
Innisfree Jeju Bija Toner
Innisfree Soybean energy essence (light)

Innisfree Eco Science eye cream

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum
OR CosRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

Innisfree Green Tea Fresh Essence

Innisfree Lotion/Cream (I have a few sample variations LOL)
OR CosRX Advanced Snail 92 All in one Cream

Night (2x a week)
Clay mask

Sheet mask

CosRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid

Night (once every 2 weeks)
Biore Pore Pack

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Cup no Fuchiko

HEY friends!
This is my first novelty item post hehehe. Take note that my blog isn't a beauty blog, but because I splash alot of my money on beauty products, so naturally I will have more things to post about them :'D

But this is a collection that I would really like to show you guys :')

My Cup no Fuchiko collection!

Wait, what the heck is Cup no Fuchiko?
It's a figurine of a Japanese office lady named Fuchiko. It's actually a very small figurine that you can place on the edge of a glass. Hence the name, Cup no Fuchiko. (Cup's fuchiko)

I can't really call it a collection cuz I only bought 1 from each set.
(GASP from this post I only realise I havent gotten from the 4th set.)

I nickname her fuchiko-chan.

I dont care what other ppl say la, whether I got bizarre tastes or something LOL, I like my cute fuchiko-chans


I'll aim to collect more fuchikos in the future, so I'll update again when my collection expands :D

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Innisfree best collection kit for new member + ramblings

Okay here's the post I promised previously :3


Buying them korean cosmetics and skincare on Qoo10 is so much cheaper
but the marketing team of the stores know best


ok honestly i didnt know that buying stuff in store will entitle me free membership and new member gifts, so I was very pleasantly surprised.

they gave me this really cute new member kit hehehe
Full of good stuff :D

This one is the highly raved green tea seed serum.
I don't think I need to say more about this X'D But I really like the smol bottle heheee

Next is Orchid enriched cream!
I've never bought anything from their orchid range before because my concerns are not covered by this range. But this cream smells and looks so luxurious! Nice :D

Last is the highly raved (again) Super volcanic pore clay mask!
I bought the super volcanic pore clay mousse mask. They smell exactly the same, and I think perform similarly too, but the mousse one is 'creamier' and easier to apply on. I think it won't dry up quickly too. Thus I've decided to use this one up first.

I love freebies :')


So anyway I wanted to show yall my little innisfree bottles collection :'D
They so cute la!

Look at them hehehe.. looks small but actually the amount is quite substantial to last a while. I have the jeju volcanic pore toner smol bottle too, but it's currently somewhere else, so it's not in the picture.

I have these smol facial washes too! I haven't tried any of them lolol. I'm trying to finish up my old cleansers first.

And lastly.. A little recycling and a little craftwork.

I didn't want to throw the nice box for the new member kit away, so I did a little modifications and made a box for my cottons :')

So nice.

And that's it for now!
cya alll

[shopping haul] Innisfree HAUL

I'm such a big fan of innisfree hahahaha

Today I went to NEX innisfree cuz I wanted to claim my last new member's gift. Was also thinking of buying some stuff for a long time, and settled on these! Look at the christmas paper bag SO NICE!

First, Jeju Bija Trouble Skin (toner)

Okay I was looking to get either this, the green tea fresh skin or the lava seawater skin, and I ended up getting this cuz I've been wanting something that clears blemishes, and this one feels fresh and unsticky too. Can't wait to use this!

Maybe I'll use it every alternate night, and the other nights I'll use the more moisturising ones :)

Next, green tea fresh essence.

I was torn between getting this and the green tea gresh cream! The gel is so nice... But this one has a not bad consistency too. End up I decided to get this one becuz of the packaging..pump feels more clean than tub, I feel like dust will drop into the tub LOL

So nice..

Lastly, the Green tea seed serum (christmas set!)

ok I wanted to order the green tea seed serum online initially, but when I saw the christmas set I was like WOWZ i want this.. furthermore I wanted the $80 purchase free gift so I grabbed this too :'D

The green tea seed serum is so popz and highly raved, I dont think I need to talk much about this XD
I'm so curious about the other green tea items in the set! Will use and tell ya guys how is it.

Their christmas packaging really so nice.

aaaand for the free gifts!

This one is my last member free gift! The first one was the member welcome kit, which I haven't blogged about, but probably will make a post on it soon HEHE.., and the second one was 2 aloe real squeeze masks, havent tried them.

this SO CUTE
3 smol facial cleasers! And I was wanting to try the green tea cleanser, so glad I got the sample now heheheeee

Next is the Jeju lava seawater special kit. I WAS SO HAPPY THIS WAS THE FREE GIFT because I wanted the toner from this series hahahaha free gift marketing skillz ftw making me spend $30 more than intended just to get this free kit.

Now I get to use this toner toooo :'D HEARTTTT
This series smell so nice I feel like drinking them :'D Smells like nice soda ^^

And some random samples :)

I'm so happyz from today's purchase \(^o^)/
Yay retail therapy heheheee

I'm gonna post about my new skincare regime soon so come back soon OK!

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

[online haul + review] my Innisfree masks HAUL + berry hydrogel mask short REVIEW

I'm so sorry I don't blog consistently hahahah I throw like 5 posts in one day then disappear for more than a month :'D

But this one is my latest Qoo10 Haul! Facial Maskssss

I've done a review on the Innisfree BHA skin clinic masks before here and I love them so I ordered like 10 more of them hehehehe.. Also keen to try some other masks of this series but maybe next time!

And I finally got the Anti-Aging Pore Care Masks! I've been keen to try this since I saw it in store.. but it was so expensive at like $4.50 a piece?! Poor student like me can't afford... Managed to get it online for slightly cheaper. Will try em soon and maybe do a review POST!


Last of this haul is the Berry Hydro gel mask. I got this cuz I wanted to try hydrogel masks! I actually wanted to get the tea tree flavoured one, but they ran out, so I ordered this instead. On to the review!

  • Product feel - (1/5)
Really meh, so god damn hard to put on (DAMN SLIPPERY! Is this how all hydrogel masks are hahahaha) and in 2 parts to boot, (the top part and bottom part). I took damn long to put the mask on and was so scared of it dropping on the floor LOL Also it wasn't the nicest feeling when it was on the face...It kinda felt dried up pretty fast.
  • function - (2/5)
The results were also.. well, almost non-existent. Can't tell whats the diff before and after. But at least it doesn't break me out
  • Smell - (4/5)
The only good thing is, it smells damn good? Like some nice fruit jelly. Well at least it smells good :'D
Bottom line is, I bought this for fun to try out hydrogel masks, and it didn't really work out. But then again, I've never used hydrogel masks before, so the review may not be very accurate. However, one thing stays true; won't waste my money on these again!

Anyway, I bought loads of innisfree It's Real Squeeze sheet masks too and I will do another separate post on them! Wheeeee LOOK FOWARD!


A big big wishlist of stuff I'm keen to get :D

Skin care

  • super volcanic clay mousse mask (Got this!)
  • Soy bean essence [light] (they dont sell this anymore?!) (YES I MANAGED TO ORDER THIS)
  • green tea seed eye cream (CANT DECIDE ON THIS OR THE LANEIGE ONE)
  • It's real squeeze mask rose, rice, bamboo, cucumber (Got them! Except rice, not avail in sg)
  • Skin clinic mask vitamin c, catechin
  • Anti aging mask [pore care] (Got them!)
  • bija anti-trouble skin (I'm more keen to get the laneige one now but I also curious about this.. maybe I try to see if got sample size anot hahaha) I GOT THIS IN THE END haha
  • Green tea balancing lotion (After trying the sample out i realise this is GOOD)
  • Perfect 9 repair eye cream (ok now idk which eye cream to get HAHA)
  • soybean neck cream (maybe??) (nah haha maybe i get a better cream for face that can be used for neck too ^_^)

  • Time freeze eye serum
  • Trouble relief toner (not getting this anymore since i got the innisfree one X'D)
  • Trouble relief cream (I'm keen, I'm really keeen...)
  • Mini Pore Waterclay mask (after i finish up my current masks heehee)
  • Pore deep clearing foam (After i finish up all my current cleansers haha)

Etude House/Tony Moly
  • Keeeeen on some of their sheet masks!
  • AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid (I'll try the blackheads one and see how it goes ^_^)
  • Egg white pore wash off mask
  • Rice wash off mask

Thursday, 3 November 2016

[review] Mask of the day: Innisfree Skin Clinic BHA mask short review:D

Anything that can improve the pores(?) attracts me ahahaha
and BHA is well-known for that i guess. This mask was a tad pricey ($3.50 a piece) but I really wanted to try it anyway!

btw, I'm an Innisfree fan :D

Product feel - (4/5)
The mask is really thin, they're not lying when they say ultra thin sheet HAHAHA. It's a little mesh like a has a protective film. Sticks to my face nicely and looks almost transparent X'D. Quite liquidy but not drippy. The essence absorbs quickly into face.

Smell - (3/5)
idk the smell? Like what?
you know those soap bubbles u play when you're a kid.. or some mild detergent.. yeah that kind of smell. Smell fades away after awhile.

function - (3/5)
Face doesn't look brighter but indeeds feel smoother!
Look wise, not a lot diff la. but thats normal

it's not bad la
but i don't think will buy again cuz of the price. Though I would like to try the other masks of this line too.

ok my skin really looks and feels better for the whole day and not so oily
idk coincidence or this mask
BUT i will get more of this good shit now and use it again more times and tell ya guys about it :D
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